In 1932  Ottorino Giangrossi founded the industry of stockings frame. The combination of materials, mainly silk, guarantees a product of high quality and elegance. After the II  World War the son Remo and his wife Velia go beyond the functional characteristic of the product, creating a unique and inimitable fashion accessory.



In 1958 was born the Lycra fiber and in Milan this fiber from elastic and resistant characteristics,  immediately enters the world of socks through modern processing company that models the fiber in a light veil leading to the birth of the tights. 


In 1960 we are in London and the visionary fashion designer Mary Quant designed the first miniskirt thus changing the concept of femininity time. The miniskirt becomes an international phenomenon, in the city parade women's legs and the first collaborations between the couturier and Pierre Mantoux begin.




In 1980 the designers chose the iconic brand of tights with the line behind as essential accessory for their fashion shows and the company began to expand at the retail level in the stores of luxury in the world such as La Rinascente, Le Bon Marché, Bloomingdale.


The products are used by leading figures in the international world as Lady Diana, who chooses the model from the line behind and bow in black tulle with dots,  Sharon Stone icon of femininity and style that reveals the white stockings Pierre Mantoux during the parade of Valentino. 


In 1990 the small atelier becomes  an international company. Pierre Mantoux is distributed in over fifty countries and the range of products expands with the first models of bikini for the beachwear range, until the beginning of the new millennium in which the first collections of clothing signed Pierre Mantoux were created. 


In 2014 the passion for craftsmanship workmanship, the fabrics made in Italy and many years of work with the designers lead to the birth of Pierre Mantoux Couture  line dedicated to  beachwear products from fine and precious fabrics and quality materials made by the  laboratories of the house. 


Pierre Mantoux is synonymous of  luxury, quality and made in Italy, these are just some features admire from designers of High Fashion and Pret-a-porter with thouse its work: Alaïa; Alberta Ferretti; Bottega Veneta; Chanel; Dolce &  Gabbana; Ferragamo; Giorgio Armani; Gucci Lacroix; Mila Schon; Mugler; Saint Laurent; Versace.


A family company founded over eighty years of the indivisible values: exclusivity, tradition, innovation and Made in Italy. Pierre Mantoux has transformed the use of the sock in one of the most intriguing accessories of the women world.



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