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Pierre Mantoux


A collection of the iconic garments that have made the history of Pierre Mantoux.

Collant Veloutine 50

classic hosiery

A sensual but practical passepartout that conquers every woman with two peerless features: wearability and versatility at the highest levels. You will love it during the day for its metropolitan grit and it will surprise you in the evening for its irresistible charm. Characterized by an opaque and covering yarn, its 50 denier microfiber is worked with Lycra ®3D HOSIERY technology.

The uniqueness of Pierre Mantoux is knowing how to perfectly dress the legs: the name Veloutine comes from the comfort in wearing this velvety garment.
To the thirty iconic classic colors, new Fashion Colors are added every year: hue variations inspired by the trends of the moment.

A tights in Egyptian micro-cotton, combined with a soft 70 denier microfiber that is worked with Lycra ®3D HOSIERY technology. Cotton 70 is a super resistant product in natural fiber with a high percentage of cotton, opaque and compact. Its extreme elasticity is unique on the market, as is its color palette which includes the exclusive Chinè shades.

Collant Cotton 70

classic hosiery

Collant Tulle

A very light and transparent tulle tights, made up of very thin threads that form an interweaving of hexagonal meshes. The seam that runs along the back of the leg expresses great femininity and characterizes a highly tailored product. Thanks to a delicate and silky texture, it immediately gives every look an air of haute couture.

Bas Collant Diva

fashion hosiery

A highly crafted tights that combines the look of a lace hold-up stocking with a micro mesh of tulle. Lace, a key element of the Pierre Mantoux collections, is renewed every season.

A sheer tights with small jacquard yokes. An expression of femininity, elegance and sobriety. The polka dot and yoke motif is reinterpreted in colors and shapes in all collections.

Collant Ketty

fashion hosiery

Maglia Barchetta diva

fashion hosiery
Pierre Mantoux Maglia Barchetta Diva Nero

A lace sweater with scalloped edges, which expresses the femininity and elegance of the Pierre Mantoux collections. A new lace motif is presented every new season.