Pierre Mantoux


A collection of the iconic garments that have made the history of Pierre Mantoux.

Body Tulle

fashion hosiery

Tulle mesh body, sheer enough to inspire the imagination.
An item that should never be missing in ladies’ drawers. Long sleeves, scooped tulle neck body with invisible seams, available in different shades, from light to dark, for each color combination.

The uniqueness of Pierre Mantoux is knowing how to perfectly dress the legs: the name Veloutine comes from the comfort in wearing this velvety garment.
To the thirty iconic classic colors, every year are addes new Fashion Colors, hue variations inspired by the trends of the moment.

Collant Veloutine 50

classic hosiery

A sensual yet practical mat to conquer any woman with two unequaled plus: wearability and versatility at the highest levels. Lo amerete di giorno per la sua grinta metropolitana e vi sorprenderà di sera per il suo fascino irresistibile. Caratterizzato da un filato opaco e coprente, la sua microfibra 50 denari è lavorata con la tecnologia Lycra ®3D HOSIERY.

Collant Cotton 70

classic hosiery

A tights in Egyptian micro-cotton, combined with a soft 70 denier microfiber that is worked with Lycra ®3D HOSIERY technology. Cotton 70 è un prodotto super resistente in fibra naturale con un’alta percentuale di cotone, opaco e compatto. La sua elasticità estrema è unica sul mercato, così come la sua cartella colori che include le esclusive tonalità Chinè.

Collant Tulle

Un collant in tulle molto leggero e trasparente, costituito da fili sottilissimi che formano un intreccio di maglie esagonali. La cucitura che corre lungo il retro della gamba esprime grande femminilità e caratterizza un prodotto altamente sartoriale. Grazie ad una consistenza delicata e setosa dona immediatamente a ogni look un’aria da haute couture.

Bas Collant Diva

fashion hosiery

Un collant di grande artigianalità che combina l’aspetto di una calza autoreggente in pizzo insieme ad una microretina di tulle. Lace, a key element of the Pierre Mantoux collections, is reinterpreted every new season.

A sheer tights with small jacquard yokes. An expression of femininity, elegance and sobriety. The polka dot and yoke motif is reinterpreted in colors and shapes in all collections.

Collant Ketty

fashion hosiery

Maglia Barchetta Diva

fashion hosiery
Pierre Mantoux Maglia Barchetta Diva Nero

A lace sweater with scalloped edges, which expresses the femininity and elegance of the Pierre Mantoux collections. A refreshed lace pattern is the star of each new season.

A series of double-faced and double-faced swimsuits, characterized by a rich color chart, with briefs that can be purchased separately from bras. The differentiated pairs in the assortment easily match the prints of the collection and are made of a soft microfiber.

Swimsuits Thuya


Collant Nassa

classic hosiery

Medium sized fishnet tights, ideal for a trendy look, thanks to its pattern which is well defined, fashionable and discreet at the same time.
The exclusive tailored Pierre Mantoux waistband completes the sophisticated look.
The 2D elastic gusset in order to ensure a perfect fit.

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