Everyday luxury, timeless and beyond boundaries. Pierre Mantoux presents a new collection of 6 ‘must have’ items, both elegant and easy to wear.

Iconic Fit is a line born from Pierre Mantoux’s unmistakable design and style, combined with innovative research by The LYCRA Company.

Indeed, using the revolutionary LYCRA® ADAPTIV fibre conveys great advantages to Iconic Fit items, including a customised fit: a new idea
of comfort, sustained by memory shapes, a greater freedom of movement and an elegant second skin effect.


LYCRA® ADAPTIV is the new frontier of innovation from The LYCRA Company. A revolutionary fibre, starting from its composition. Made from an innovative polymer, this fibre is hybrid by nature.
It in fact modifies its behaviour when at rest, or when the person wearing it is moving, always ensuring a customised and impeccable fit.

At rest, the polymer adapts its grip to the compression, to allow for a perfect fit, shape and control. When moving, instead, the polymer adapts its elasticity to constantly provide the best comfort, allowing items to keep perfectly in place.

A 360° innovation, offering a versatile and personalized fit, earning its title of “inclusive fibre”. Thus overcoming a rigid size pattern, it offers great advantages both for consumers – gratified by more inclusive sizes, which respect even slight daily body changes – and for online shopping, which becomes much easier and faster.


30 DEN stockings, offering the elegance of sheer tights, with total freedom of movement and comfort, thanks to the innovative LYCRA® ADAPTIV fibre. A customised and versatile fit is combined with a careful construction of the item, studied in every detail: super flat waist band,
which doesn’t leave marks or roll down, invisible stitching, micro-holed gusset in polyamide and polyester, light, highly antiperspirant and bacteria resistant.


50 DEN opaque stockings, hyper-comfortable and with customised fit thanks to a 3D process, using the innovative LYCRA® ADAPTIV fibre.
The super flat waist band provides total comfort, and the flat stitching becomes invisible under the clothes. The gusset is micro-holed, in polyamide and polyester, a light and highly antiperspirant material, yet very resistant to bacteria.


Super opaque 90 DEN stockings, functional and resistant, yet wearable with micro-skirts and hotpants. Thanks to the presence of the LYCRA® ADAPTIV fibre, they follow any woman’s body shapes, naturally enhancing them and offering great comfort, together with more inclusive sizes. These are highly performing stockings, with 360° elasticity, a perfect fit and micro-holed gusset in polyamide and polyester, a light and highly antiperspirant material, yet very resistant to bacteria.


50 DEN Parisian socks, classic expression of feminine sensuality, revisited with a futuristic angle. The aesthetic is unchanged but with a longer life, comfort and extremely high benefits, thanks to the LYCRA® ADAPTIV fibre, a woman’s friend, respecting all different body shapes and attitudes. Total freedom of movement and a satisfying fit, for stockings which stay always in place and move in harmony with the legs.


50 DEN knee socks with a smooth touch and minimal-chic look. Always in place and perfectly fitting, they don’t fall, don’t compress and don’t mark the skin. Thanks to a special 3D process and to the LYCRA® ADAPTIV fibre blend, they always ensure a super comfortable fit, at rest or in motion, constantly following the wearer in their daily life.


Leggings 120 DEN pensati sia per un uso sportivo che per un look fashion. Sempre perfetti, sono stati creati per durare più a lungo dei comuni leggings in microfibra. Valorizzano qualsiasi silhouette in modo elegante e confortevole grazie
alla vestibilità sempre impeccabile, assicurata dall’impiego della rivoluzionaria fibra LYCRA® ADAPTIV. 

Praticità, versatilità ed eleganza sono gli aggettivi di un accessorio irrinunciabile del guardaroba femminile in grado di esprimere il carattere di ogni donna.

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