Pierre Mantoux


Pierre Mantoux means luxury, quality and Made in Italy.
These are just some of the features appreciated by the haute couture and Pret-a-Porter stylists with whom we work with.

A family company that for over eighty years has been operating and acting in compliance with essential values: exclusivity, tradition, innovation and Made in Italy. Pierre Mantoux has transformed the use of tights into one of the most intriguing accessories in the female world.

Our Story


Ottorino Giangrossi founds the frame hosiery industry. The combination of materials, mainly silk, guarantees a product of high quality and elegance. After the Second World War, his son Remo and his wife Velia go beyond the functional feature of the product, creating a unique and inimitable fashion accessory.


We are in London and Mary Quant, visionary designer, designs the first miniskirt thus changing the concept of femininity of the time. The miniskirt becomes an international phenomenon, women’s legs parade in the cities and the first collaborations between the couturiers and Pierre Mantoux begin.


The small atelier becomes an international company. Pierre Mantoux is distributed in over fifty countries and the range of products expands with the first bikini models, for the beachwear line, until the early 2000s when the first Pierre Mantoux clothing collections were born.


Pierre Mantoux has decided to celebrate its 90th anniversary with an exclusive collaboration with Carine Roitfeld, the      world-renowned fashion editor, founder of CR and her eponymous brand. The partnership highlight the importance of women’s empowerment, the perfect balance between a seducing female intellect and the ability in feeling confident by wearing a pair of tights.


Lycra born in Milan, and this fiber with elastic and resistant properties immediately join the world of socks through the modern processes of the company that shapes the fiber into a very light veil, leading to the birth of tights.


The designers choose the brand’s iconic tights with a line on the back as an essential accessory for their fashion shows and the company begins to expand at a retail level in luxury stores around the world.


The passion for craftsmanship workmanship, the fabrics made in Italy and many years of work with the designers lead to the birth of Pierre Mantoux Couture line dedicated to beachwear products from fine and precious fabrics and quality materials made by the laboratories of the house.

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