These are just some of the characteristics appreciated by the Haute Couture and Pret-a-Porter stylists with whom it collaborates. A family company that has been operating and acting in compliance with essential values for over eighty years: exclusivity, tradition, innovation and Made in Italy. Pierre Mantoux has transformed the use of stockings into one of the most intriguing accessories in the female world.

In 1958, Lycra was born in Milan, and the fibre with its elastic and resistant properties immediately entered the world of hosiery through the company’s modern processes that moulded the fibre into a very light veil, leading to the birth of tights.


In the same years in London, Mary Quant, a visionary designer, designed the first miniskirt, changing the concept of femininity at the time. The miniskirt became an international phenomenon, women’s legs took centre stage and the first collaborations between the couturier and Pierre Mantoux began.

Designers chose the brand’s iconic tights with the stripe at the back as a must-have accessory for their fashion shows and the company began to expand at the retail level into luxury outlets around the world.

Soon Remo and Velia’s daughter, Patrizia, joined the company, introducing new elements such as rhinestones, tassels and sophisticated creel nets.

The small atelier becomes an international company. Pierre Mantoux is distributed in more than fifty countries and the product range expands with the first bikini models, for the beachwear line, until the beginning of the 2000s when the first Pierre Mantoux signature clothing collections are born.

From one generation to the next, Patrizia’s daughters Chiara and Costanza also joined the company, enhancing the family aspect and supporting the growth of their brand.

On the occasion of its 90th birthday, Pierre Mantoux chose to celebrate by creating a collaboration with Carine Roitfeld. The project tells the story of the importance of empowerment of every woman, the union between the seduction of feminine intellect and the power of feeling confident wearing a pair of stockings, the right ones, for every occasion.

Today Pierre Mantoux is a brand recognised worldwide for the quality of its products distributed in more than 50 countries. Always carrying on values linked to Made in Italy and tradition without neglecting innovation and modernity.

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